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How Can Honda Owners Get The Most Out of Their Vehicle?

Released By : Ace Honda Noida

India is one of the world's major automobile markets and has traditionally been seen as a lucrative market to penetrate. However, to be successful in India, manufacturers must provide not just a great car at a low cost, but also an outstanding after-sales experience. 

Honda Motors is unquestionably the brand that has managed to give exactly what consumers want, reliable and well-built cars. However, after a certain time, every car requires proper maintenance. So you will need to follow a maintenance schedule to take care of your Honda car. There are specific tasks that are required to be done regularly and some when you hit certain milestones. 

A complete and comprehensive check-up of your car is essential to keep it healthy. Therefore, we at Ace Honda provide various maintenance services, which include replacement & inspection. 


This includes everything, from ensuring the major issues are addressed routinely to a regular inspection for minor issues. To avoid these major and minor issues, a proper examination of your car is required, which can only be conducted by a car expert. 

Keeping your car healthy is our priority! 


Check the motor oil at regular intervals 

The engine oil lubricates all the car’s moving parts, resulting in minimal wear and tear. Therefore, checking your car’s oil levels every month is important to ensure that the car’s engine is running smoothly. Apart from this, the oil filter is equally important as it filters all the junk out of the oil and prevents it from recirculating back into the engine. 


Keep an eye on your cooling system

A lot of cars' energy is lost during combustion in the form of heat. Always keep the right amount of coolant in the tank because it is essential for heat dissipation. The ideal ratio of coolant to distilled water is 1:1. Therefore, it is essential to keep a check on the engine temperature gauge on a hot day and also turn off your car’s engine if it is overheating. 


Change the brake fluid 

Brake fluid undergoes certain changes during heat & pressure and eventually loses its effectiveness. This is why brakes begin to feel sluggish and less responsive after some time. Therefore, changing the brake fluid aids in the reduction of rust, corrosion and other undesirable elements, ensuring that you do not have to pay for an expensive repair in the future. 


Restore your air filter 

Air filters allow the air to flow to your engine. When these air filters are inevitably clogged, it leads to a reduction in fuel mileage and poor air intake. Our expert team is specialised in replacing the air filter quickly with fast routine maintenance, saving both time and money. 


Examine your tyres properly 

Under-inflated tyres can increase fuel mileage and reduce traction, while over-inflated or worn out tyres can have a similar effect. Regular tyre examination helps in avoiding excessive wear and tear on the engine by promoting good fuel economy. We have a specialised team that looks after everything from checking the PSI of your tyres to tyre tread wear. 


Battery checking is important 

There can be various issues with the battery that can cause a malfunction. Our highly experienced team will determine if your car's battery is nearing the end of its life or if you need to replace it along with the weak & faulty intercell connectors to keep your car’s battery in good shape. 


What can you do on a personal level? 

It is important to keep your car healthy so that it runs smoothly on the roads. Moreover, the engine is like the heart of the car, so we need to keep certain things in mind that will help you maintain and run your car's engine efficiently. 

  • Make sure that your car’s tyre air pressure, wheel alignment & balancing are accurate. 
  • Try to fill your fuel tank during the coolest hours of the day to attain better fuel efficiency, as high temperatures affect the fuel efficiency drastically. 
  • To keep your Honda’s engine healthy, take your car for service at a regular interval. 
  • Use the clutch only when it is required, as overriding the clutch pedal may damage the clutch lining. 
  • Avoid over-accelerating as it leads to low mileage. 
  • Avoid fuel wastage and switch off your engine when not in use. 


Treat your Honda right! 

While there are myriad facets to car maintenance, one fact is certain that regular maintenance can help you avoid costly repairs and hazardous accidents. 


Our specialised team at Ace Honda provides quality care for your Honda car. We do everything from basic maintenance to extensive repairs to keep your car running smoothly on the road. 

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