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Checklist for Car Maintenance and Service

Released By : Ace Honda Noida

Automobile technology is constantly evolving and today's automobile engines are far more advanced with their computer-controlled engine management systems. In addition to that, modern vehicles also come with never-before-seen features that require routine inspections to ensure that your car remains in top condition. 

Regardless of the technological complexity, there are still a  lot of things one can do to ensure that your vehicle remains in perfect condition for driving. It includes regular vehicle tune-ups, periodic inspections and seasonal maintenance services. 

Did you know that a routine vehicle tune-up will not only keep your car in good condition, but it will also put your mind at ease? A regular tune-up includes inspecting the engine, battery, replacing spark plugs, scanning for default codes and so on.

Follow the checklists below to ensure that your car remains safe and secure while driving. 


Checklist for basic car safety

1.Seatbelts should be checked for tension and belt buckle operations.

2.Check the handbrake to see if it can hold the vehicle on a slope.

3.Inspect the windscreens and mirrors for cracks or damage.

4.Ensure that your horn works properly. 

5.Ensure that the child seats in your vehicle are affixed properly. 

6.Check the spare tyre and jack, as well as the toolkit for added safety

7.Inspect for leaks and cracks in the radiator hoses.

8.Check the engine air filter and replace it if necessary.

9.Inspect windscreen wiper blade wear and replace as needed.

10.Check for corrosion around the battery terminals.

11.Ensure that the fan belts are not lose or squeaking when turned on.

12.Check the tyre tread wears and the tread depths as well. 

13.Check the tyre pressures. 

14.Ensure that you have a spare tyre at all times in case of an emergency.

15.Make sure that you have a working car jack and other tools for replacing tyres. 

16.Replace bulbs as needed in the external lighting.

17.Check the vehicle's headlights. 

18.Make sure that the fog lights are working for clear visibility. 

19.Check the indicators or hazard lights to ensure that the warning lights are operational. 

20.Ensure that the reverse lights are working for added safety while parking.

21.Examine the brake lights for any flaws.


Checklist for proper vehicle care

1. Avoid using your brakes down a long hill to prevent the wear of brake pads, instead alternate between braking and letting off the brake.

2.Never ignore any unusual noises your car makes; they frequently indicate a problem.

3.Avoid shifting from Reverse to Drive (or vice versa) while your car is still moving slowly since you will be placing a tremendous amount of stress on your vehicle’s gears. 

4.Avoid operating your car when it's hot since the longer you drive an overheated car, the more damage it will cause and the more expensive it will be to fix.

5.Avoid using a pressure washer on your vehicle's engines since a high-powered jet of water can instantly dislodge electrical components, hoses and rubber seals, causing extensive damage to your vehicle. 

Ensure that you keep up with the checklists from time to time for a safe and secure driving experience. If you're unable to take proper care of your car personally, make sure that you schedule periodic maintenance services with an authorised service centre. Routine maintenance services will ensure that your car does not break down in the middle of the road during unfortunate times. It will also keep your vehicle in top condition for years to come as it will increase the life expectancy of your vehicle. 

Ace Honda is an authorised service centre located in Noida with a state-of-the-art service centre and experienced Honda technicians. We provide unique car care services that are quick and comprehensive including same-day car service, quick repairs of minor dents, 3M treatments to preserve car paint finish and more. 

Connect with us to schedule your periodic car maintenance service today. 

We provide hassle-free service experience from the comfort of your own home!