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What Honda Owners Should Know About Their Cars

Released By : Ace Honda Noida

If you’re a Honda car owner, you definitely love it & must be aware of the fact that if you want your car to last longer, you need to take care of it. 

Taking care of your Honda doesn’t require any big formalities!

Honda Motors is the most popular automobile brand because it has been able to meet the needs of Indian buyers by producing top-of-the-line vehicles at a cost-effective price & providing a stellar after-sales experience. 

Each vehicle has its own maintenance needs so Honda has developed specific maintenance schedules based on model equipment such as transmission choice or the addition of a towing package. The best way to keep your Honda running in optimal condition is by performing regular maintenance according to the maintenance schedule.

Well, if you are in a dilemma of how to keep your Honda in good condition.

Don’t worry, you’re in the right place!

Hereby, we are mentioning the most important Honda maintenance tips you need to follow to keep your Honda in the best shape possible because a well-maintained car means a happy owner.


Brake Fluid Replacement


Brake fluid is an important element of your Honda car!

If you've ever been driving and noticed that your brakes aren't responding as they used to, your car's brake fluid may be suffering. 

Just like engine oil, brake fluid also loses its effectiveness because of the rigours, heat & pressure changes that happen daily. Sometimes, the fluid can absorb moisture which can lead to corrosion in your hydraulics system & other problems that make your brakes less effective.

That’s why it’s necessary to replace brake fluid as it helps to lessen corrosion & rust in your braking system. So, to avoid paying a pretty penny to repair your car, you should consider changing your brake fluid at required intervals.


Evaluate the condition of tyres


Tyres are the tower strengths of a car!

Most of the owners take them for granted as they consider that if they look fine, they must be fine. 

However, the reality is different from what it seems!


Frequent use of your car can make your tyres under-inflated and this might be bad for your car’s performance as they can reduce traction making your drive less safe. To make sure they are in the best conditions you need to check your tyres frequently with an accurate tyre pressure gauge and if you still feel doubtful about what to look for in your tyres’ treads, you should visit an authorised service centre for their proper maintenance.      



Replacing Air Filters


Air filters act as vacuum cleaners! 

They tend to clog with all the dust & other contaminants they soak up. It’s important to keep them in good shape as they not only let airflow to your engine to keep it from overheating but also keep harmful contaminants from the outside air from getting into your lungs.

To function properly, they need to be replaced frequently.

However, you can check its condition while getting your oil changed and the great part about repairing your Honda’s air filter is that it’s a quick & easy process. 


Changing Your Car’s Engine Oil


Oil is the blood of your car!

Engine oil helps in the lubrication, cooling and cleaning of your car's engine.

Every engine needs oil to run properly as it keeps the engine from being clogged & damaged. In some cases, the engine might suffer as a result of the extreme changes in temperature and pressure that your car experiences. 

To avoid paying a huge bill for a new engine, make sure to check and replace the engine oil to keep your Honda running smoothly and efficiently!


Spare Tyre


One of the most basic things that you should know is to keep a spare tyre in the car. The spare tyre comes in handy whenever you get a flat. It's also essential to keep the spare wheel in good condition which includes making sure the tyre is properly inflated and free of any cracks or bulges. 


Battery Maintenance


The battery is the heart of your car!

That’s why it is an important aspect of your Honda maintenance.

To extend its life, there are a few things you can follow!

The first thing you can do is to park your car in a safe or closed space to keep it away from the weather elements like extreme cold & heat to avoid the evaporation of battery fluid. 

If you have spare time & basic tools, you can manually clean the battery to increase its longevity. If your battery isn’t a sealed-up “maintenance-free” model, you can also add distilled water to it as it can help restore some of the water that evaporates from the battery in the summer.


Maintain Your Honda with Ace Honda Maintenance


We know your Honda best!

There are simple and effective methods to maintain your Honda car in great shape for years. However, you can’t do all this by yourself & that’s why it’s so important to choose an authorised service centre for your Honda maintenance services. 

At Ace Honda, we provide maintenance & repair using up-to-date resources, genuine parts and leading-edge customer service. We carry out all repairs with genuine Honda parts with the utmost level of protection. We truly value your time and offer express service to get you in & out in a few hours and make sure you save money with our special offers & discounts.

If you want to learn more about the maintenance of your Honda, contact us today!